Program Notes

Whispers in the Wind is a short, intermediate to advanced work for 5 octave marimba. It was originally written in 2014 as a wedding present to my wife, Caitlin. The piece is a musical portrait of a lake at sunset. "Whispers in the Wind" is powerfully evocative and presents unique technical challenges for intermediate to advanced students. These challenges make this piece a joy for students to learn, and its
impressionistic tranquility makes it a joy for audiences to listen to as well.

Whispers in the Wind paints a musical picture of pure serenity. It calls forth an image of a quiet lake at sunset, the fading light dancing in soft colors on the water. Gently rolling waves hit the shore like whispers as the wind moves across the water. This scene is portrayed through both rich chord progressions throughout and a deep but floating melody in the middle section. Audiences will almost feel the wind on their faces as they listen.

Though it provides plenty of opportunities for lyrical expression and practicing dynamic range, "Whispers in the Wind" also gives players the chance to practice several technical skills critical for intermediate to
advanced players. The piece requires players to develop a command of small and wide intervals and multi-manual playing.

Simultaneously moving and restful, Whispers in the Wind is a great addition to any recital program.

Mallet Suggestion: Soft to Medium Soft

Whispers in the Wind - Robert Clayson
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