Accessible Solo Repertoire for Percussion

2019, Various Instruments

Accessible Solo Repertoire for Percussion contains fourteen newly composed solos for Snare Drum, Glockenspiel (Bells), Xylophone, and Four Mallet Marimba. These solos are a much-needed addition to the young percussionist’s repertoire. They are perfect for use at an adjudicated solo festival or recital. 


Accessible Solo Repertoire for Percussion is published by Excelcia Music Publishing.


2020, Marimba Solo

Adventure is an intermediate solo marimba piece about adventuring in an unknown landscape.

Character Studies

2020, Marimba Solo

Character Studies is a collection of three individual pieces that I composed during the spring of 2020.

Piece No. 1 Prelude: Aggressively Happy

Piece No. 2 Aria: Amidst the Anguish

Piece No. 3 Fantasy: Soar! 


Character Studies is published by C-Alan Publications.

character studies title.png
Dance of the Music Box Figurines

Written for a 4.3 octave marimba, Dance of the Music Box Figurines is a musical portrayal of a ballerina dancing to a tune played by an old music box. 


Dance of the Music Box Figurines is published by C-Alan Publications.

dance of music.png

2018, Marimba Solo

Final Thoughts

2018, Marimba Solo

Final Thoughts was completed in 2018 and was commissioned by my former teacher, Adam Blackstock. The inspiration for this piece comes from Dylan Thomas’s poem, “Do Not Go Gentle.”

Final-Thoughts Title-page-001.jpg
First Steps for Solo Marimba

2020, Marimba Solo Collection

The more time I spend teaching four mallet marimba, the more I realize that there is a massive gap in contemporary marimba repertoire aimed at beginner level players. There certainly are a lot of beginning level pieces, but far fewer pieces are designed to help players who have just learned to hold four mallets transition from technique exercises to actual music. Far too often, I see beginner students become too ambitious in their choices in repertoire when they first start out. This often leads to the student becoming overly frustrated and more likely to give up altogether. I wrote the First Steps to help solve this specific problem.

Step 1- Walks in the Park - Score-page-0
From the Shores of Paradise

From the Shores of Paradise was completed in May of 2019 as a vibraphone solo for me to be able to play at various middle and high schools throughout the country. As the title implies, this piece is about finding and existing in one’s own personal “happy place.” 

Shores of Paradise.png

2019, Vibraphone Solo

In the Stillness Beneath the Trees

2020, Marimba Solo

In the Stillness Beneath the Trees was completed in the spring of 2020. The inspiration for this piece came from me watching the trees outside my house sway back and forth with the wind. There is a quiet calm about watching trees sway back and forth and then eventually come to a stop in a gentle breeze. It can be almost hypnotizing. While watching, you really can tune out the world’s distractions and lose yourself in the moment. Nothing seems complicated anymore, and everything in the world seems to be at peace.

In the Stillness Beneath the Trees is published by Tapspace Publications.

In the Stillness Between the Trees-20200
In Spite of it All (Ellie's Lullaby)

2020, Marimba Solo

In Spite of it All was written in 2020, right around the time my wife and I adopted a new kitten who was living under our porch.

In Spite of it All is published by C-Alan Publications.

Last Chances

2021, Marimba Solo

Last Chances is a medium-advanced marimba solo about watching the destruction of something beautiful while no one seems to care. The piece starts out relatively pretty and peaceful but goes downhill quickly from there. This piece is the perfect opportunity for medium-advanced players to showcase their musicality and lyrical expression.

Little Song

2020, Marimba Solo

Little Song is an intermediate to advanced solo for 4.3 octave marimba. Though it does not ask much of the performer in terms of advanced technical skill, it is rich in opportunities for deep lyrical expression.

Little Song is published by C-Alan Publications.

Marimba Miniatures

2018, Marimba Solo Collection

The more time I spend around beginning marimba players, the more I realize that the contemporary solo marimba repertoire has very little to offer in the way of pieces for players who have just learned to put
two sticks in one hand. Marimba Miniatures is my solution to this problem. The pieces in this collection are very short and often centered around a single musical idea, making them incredibly easy
to learn.

Marimba Miniatures is published by Row-Loff Productions.

marimba miniatures.png

2016, Marimba Solo Collection

Memories holds a special place in my heart because it was my first-ever composition for marimba. Three contrasting movements make up this piece, each representing a different memory from my life. Each movement creates a unique melodic mood, including unease and discomfort, loss and sorrow, and joy and playfulness.

Memories Title-page-001.jpg
Musings at the Coffee Shop

2019, Snare Drum Solo

Musings at the Coffee Shop was commissioned by former Troy University Student Aaron Ward for his Senior Recital. It is my fun little jab at the "instant musician--just add coffee" joke that seems to go around at most collegiate music schools.

Nocturne for Lost Souls

2019, Marimba Solo

Nocturne for Lost Souls is my musical portrayal of the Christian parable of the rich man and the beggar. A medium-advanced solo for 5.0 octave marimba, its technical challenges include the use of right hand octave, the use of an odd meter (7/16), rolls, and multiple time changes.


Nocturne for Lost Souls is published by C-Alan Publications.

On the Other Side of the Looking Glass

2020, Marimba Solo

On the Other Side of the Looking Glass is a piece for solo 4.3 octave marimba that was completed in March of 2020. This piece is meant to depict a person’s life moving incredibly quickly while the person living it doesn’t seem to notice. 

On the Other Side of the Looking Glass is published by Tapspace Publications.

Sepulchral Reflections

2021, Marimba Solo

Sepulchral Reflections is a piece for solo marimba that is my approximation of a person's last moments on earth. The piece was commissioned by Drew Neal.

Suspended Dreams

2021, Marimba Solo

Suspended Dreams is another marimba solo that was completed during the onset of the covid-19 pandemic. It is my musical portrayal of how life seemed to pause as things began to shut down.

Tall Tales

2019, Marimba Solo Collection

Tall Tales is a collection of eight short pieces that gives novice marimba players opportunities to practice fundamental techniques and musical expression as they grow into intermediate players. By learning the pieces in this collection, players will develop several fundamental musical skills, including basic stroke types, different permutations, dynamic range, and lyrical expression.

Each piece, or “tale,” in the collection, like a literary story, revolves around a unique main idea or theme, giving players a new challenge with each piece they learn. From the rich, powerful chorales of “Unexpected Turns” to the rushing, arpeggiated accents of “High Tide,” each piece presents students a new way to grow as musicians.


Tall Tales is published by C-Alan Publications.

The Chase

2021, Marimba Solo

The Chase is my musical portrayal of every cheesy action movie fight and chase scene. You know the kind.

The Chase is published by Wildlight Publications.

The Chase Cover Page.png
The Mourning at Fort Polk

2020, Marimba Solo

The Mourning at Fort Polk is dedicated to all of the men and women who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. May your service and many sacrifices never be forgotten. This piece is written with a 5.0-octave feel for a 4.3-octave marimba as a reminder that some things are bigger than ourselves.


The Mourning at Fort Polk is published by C-Alan Publications.

fort polk title.png
Star Light Meadow

2019, Marimba Solo

Star Light Meadow is an intermediate solo for 5.0 octave marimba. It is a musical depiction of the night sky at my maternal grandparents’ house. Because it is, as we say in the South, “way out in the sticks,” on a cloudless night, their house is privy to the most brilliant splash of stars I have ever seen. Star Light Meadow is a great choice for any jury or recital program!

Star Light Meadow is published by Studio 4 Music.

Whispers in the Wind

2016, Marimba Solo

Whispers in the Wind is a short, intermediate work for 5.0 octave marimba. The piece is powerfully evocative and presents unique technical challenges for intermediate to advanced students. These challenges make this piece a joy for students to learn, and its impressionistic tranquility makes it a joy for audiences to listen to as well.