Program Notes

Over the course of my teaching career, I have worked with several high school marching band percussion programs who have non-percussionist band directors, and have noted that there is a serious lack of resources that teachers with very little knowledge of how to play battery instruments can teach from. Most of the band programs I work with can not afford a good percussion specialist to come in and spend much time with their students at all. Faced with this difficulty, their band director either does not try to teach them because they think they can not teach the technical aspects of battery instruments or they try to give their percussionists music that is graded low but still well above the students' and band director's level of knowledge. Slam Jams was written to solve these problems.

Slam Jams is a collection of 3 warm-ups, 3 stand grooves, 5 parade cadences, and 2 regular cadences written with the small and beginning battery percussion section in mind. While the pieces do increase in difficulty throughout the collection, most of the music contained in Slam Jams requires very little technical knowledge of how to play marching percussion instruments. This means that non-percussionist teachers can still teach from it and feel right at home. This collection is essentially a marching percussion survival guide. Regardless of your battery's size or skill level, Slam Jams will be a sure hit with your percussion section!

Slam Jams is available through Row-Loff Productions. Find it here!

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