Program Notes

Growing Levels of Aggression is a short piece for medium-to-advanced percussion ensembles, perfect for beginning university or more advanced high school groups. Its title was inspired by an argument I attempted to mediate among several students. As in the argument, the piece begins with each of the drum “voices” competing for attention and “speaking” over one another, followed by a brief solo section where each voice is given the chance to “tell their side of the story.” Immediately following, the beginning theme repeats, this time with more notes than before—the aggression is growing. The piece then moves into a brief 12/8 section before all voices get even angrier and return to trying to speak over one another. The piece ends in an aggressive, angry huff.


At only two and a half minutes, Growing Levels of Aggression is perfect for an aggressive, in-your-face opening piece sure to engage and maybe even intimidate audiences.

Growing Levels of Aggression was commissioned by Enterprise High School in Enterprise Alabama.

The recording on this page is a midi file. Contact me to request sheet music.

Growing Levels of Aggression - Robert Clayson