Program Notes

From the Shores of Paradise was completed in May of 2019 as a vibraphone solo for me to be able to play at various middle and high schools throughout the country. As the title implies, this piece is about finding and existing in one’s own personal “happy place.” For most people, this place tends to center around the idea of a beach. This piece was originally intended for solo vibraphone, but it can also function as a marimba solo or be used as a vibraphone solo with marimba accompaniment. The piece begins with an upbeat melody that winds its way into a more melancholy middle section before triumphantly returning to the original theme. The programmatic idea behind this is that no life or individual situation is perfect and we as people must continuously adjust and adapt if we are going to live happy and productive lives.

Performance Notes

  • Pedaling is left completely up to the performer. However, it is recommended that the pedal usually be reset on beats one and three of each measure.

  • A medium to medium-hard mallet will work best for this piece.