Program Notes

First and Second Go-Round is an easy to intermediate piece for percussion ensemble with flexible instrumentation. Flex band pieces have always intrigued me as an educational tool for young band programs, so I have set out to write pieces for beginning to intermediate percussion ensembles in this style.


The piece will work for almost any size ensemble, including a duet. The only required instrumentation for the piece is a glockenspiel and a snare drum; the rest is up to you and your ensemble. This flexible instrumentation makes First and Second Go-Round  a perfect choice for beginning percussion ensembles of all sizes, whether performing at a concert or an ensemble festival.

More information about this piece:

  • Tempo: 100 BPM

  • Duration: 2:10

  • Key Signature: F major

  • Rolls in Mallet Parts: no

  • Rolls in Percussion Parts: no

  • Rhythmic Values Used: Whole notes – eighth notes