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My Get Good Quick Plan for Concert Snare Drum

This video contains my get good quick plan for concert snare drumming along with the

"greatest" exercise ever written.

Some Thoughts on Suspended Cymbal Rolls

We need to talk about your students' suspended cymbal rolls. This video shares my thoughts on doing them correctly, as well as gives some tips

on being "extra" when performing suspended cymbal parts.

The Guide to Writing Drum Cadences Series

These videos are all about writing marching battery percussion (drumline) cadences, which was my first experience with composition. Each video talks about a formula that I use when I write cadences that will work for any situation.

Part 1 deals with writing very basic and

functional cadences, while part 2 deals with turning basic cadences into something more substantial by updating the old formula.

Part 3 talks about writing full section grooves.

My Thoughts on Self Recording

You will have no better teacher than your own recordings. This video talks about how I record myself and why I think it is important.

Composing for Four Mallet Marimba Series

Getting started with your compositional journey can be difficult, so I put some helpful thoughts

into these videos.

My Four Mallet Marimba Warmups

Here is what I use every day for my four mallet marimba warm up routine.

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