Program Notes

Above the Clouds is an easy to intermediate piece for percussion ensemble with flexible instrumentation. Flex band pieces have always intrigued me as an educational tool for young band programs, so I have set out to write pieces for beginning to intermediate percussion ensembles in this style.


The piece will work for almost any size ensemble, including a duet. The only required instrumentation for the piece is a glockenspiel and a snare drum; the rest is up to you and your ensemble. This flexible instrumentation makes Above the Clouds a perfect choice for beginning percussion ensembles of all sizes, whether performing at a concert or an ensemble festival.

More information about this piece:

  • Tempo: 144 BPM

  • Duration: 2:15

  • Key Signature: B flat major

  • Rolls in Mallet Parts: yes

  • Rolls in Percussion Parts: yes

  • Rhythmic Values Used: Whole notes – eighth notes